Smarthome Controlling & Management Solution

 Many people want to automate their homes and control it with their phones. We strongly believe in this vision; This feature will be included in all homes in the near future and will become as a standard. A lot of companies have already offered a solution for their customers at a very expensive price and in a less flexible way, however we can offer a more affordable choice: the home-based myIO solution for smart home systems. Whether you are a DIY user looking for comfort or an electrician, contractractor looking for expanding your range of services.. we figure out a personalised solution for your specific needs.


We recommend to..

  • Builders and renovators who can solve the wiring
  • Engineers who need a IO controller (eg. Heating-cooling system, shutter controller)
  • Retailers and distributors who wish to expand their product portfolio with new products and see a market potential in our brand
  • Individuals who would like to solve their own home electrical installation
  • However it is not recommended to
  • Those who have already installed a conventional wiring in their homes and not able to solve the rewiring

So why should you consider myIO?
Beacuse of:

myIO on icons

What is the myIO Server?


The myIO server is the body and soul of your smart home. It serves as a controller.

The myIO valet is the controller software (soul). This is our main product. It is in a microcontroller (Arduino) and needs a hardware (body) to control peripherals, connect to the network etc…

The myIO boards help to connect your peripherals to the myIO valet (software). The myIO boards are made in a modern, robotic factory at Z-elektronika in Hungary.

We have developed two solutions according to the market needs. A cube for a cabinet and a simplifed DIN rail mounted solution. Any of myIO boards is a simple structure circuit for easy repair in the future (any mechanic is able to install it for you).

So you can build your own myIO server according to your needs.

The myio boards are made in modern robotic factory at Z-elektronika, in Hungary.

What can myIO server do?

You can use any conventional relays to control your electrical devices (lights, shutters, valves, pumps etc). What it means, myIO server turns all of your conventional relay to a smart one. For each relay, you can add timer, additional delay or sensor that controls your relay.  



finder relays
myIO finder relay family

Any devices that can close or open a circuit is a good peripherial for digital inputs. All inputs have 3 functions (click, press, release).

You can use DS18B20 (0.06 C precision), and DHT11(1% precision) sensors to check the temperature and the humidity.

Pulse Width Modulation is a digital signal. It can be used for dimming LED lights or easily converting to 0-10V analog signal to a control mixer or dimmer…

You can use for consumption meters having potential independent impulse output.

You can use it on the local network. You don’t need an Internet connection, however the myIO server needs wired connection. If you want to reach it directly from the Internet, you need to set up your port forwarding to the router. You can use Home Assistant in your local network, and can reach the myIO server over Home Assistant, as well.

You can configure and control it over an Internet browser. You can save your settings to an SD card. The operation of the server can be easily parameterized via logically structured user interface.

Each user has individual permissions.

If you have Home Assistant, you can easily integrate your devices into it. Just some clicks, and all your devices on your myIO server enters to the Home Assistant.

If necessary WiFi applicability and relay applicability are also solved. We have a custom firmware for Sonoff devices, it is free to download.